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  1. S Naresh says:

    Just wanted to let you know you’re appreciated. Your leadership and ability to get things done are an inspiration to us all. Thank you.

    Thank you for your vision, your extraordinary ability and leadership to guide us at all times. We appreciate the efforts taken by you.

    Thank you for being the most wonderful boss to all of us!

    Thank you for being a great inspiration to us. We are grateful for all that you have done for us.

    You not only granted me an opportunity to work with you, but you also guided me and made me strengthen my focus on all that I ever wanted to achieve. Thank you!

    Dear Boss, I just want you to know that I consider myself really lucky to have got an opportunity to work for someone like you. You make even the most tedious job a lovely learning process. Thanks a ton!

    Thank you for all the encouragement and the guidance. Thank you for helping me grow in my career. May God bless you dear Boss.

    Hip hip hurray to the best boss in the whole world. Thanks a ton for everything that you have been to us. Sorry if we ever unknowingly let you down. Thanks again for forgiving our mistakes all the time.

    Thank you for teaching me that every mistake is just a learning experience. I have learnt so much with you. Ever since I have been working for you, I found myself evolving both with respect to my career as well as a person.

    Thank you so much dear boss for taking a chance on me and teaching me that there is always scope for improvement. All my success and knowledge, I owe to you.

    Dear Boss, it feels amazing to work in such a positive environment where everyone’s opinion matters. Thank you for such a brilliant opportunity. I genuinely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank you for all the encouragement and support you gave to me. Thank you for all the smart advices that are the reason for my success. Thank you boss.

    Dear Boss, thank you for not giving me food, instead teaching me how to hunt for it. Thank you for not telling me what to do, instead letting me use my own creativity in getting things done my way.

    Thank you for being less of a boss and more of a leader. Thank you dear boss for all the guidance!

  2. My friend,
    I feel yr personnel wesite is just awesome and in another words excellent,
    I really appreciate your passion towards your work and the love towards your parents and guru’s with whom you learnt some postive vibrations of life.
    My kudos to you for being a well mannered and well respectable personality in society & real life.
    I was just watching your back ground through BVYA. On going through your site, I’m more profound to write to you with few lines in your favour.I ‘m happy to be on ur page and wish you all the best my friend.
    with warm Regards,
    Prabhakar Jeksani

  3. maryala says:

    Hi Prabhakar Jeksani
    Thank you my dear friend for your love.

  4. Rahul says:

    maryala sir, your profile is simply super.
    you are my rolemodel.
    can you give me your autograph please….

    thanking you,

  5. Laxman Jakkula says:

    Hello Sir.. My name is Laxman,
    Got inspired for your whole Life style, and i like your Saying about 3L’s
    hoping & wishing you a huge success with your Targets….
    Thank you
    with honor i wish to be a part in your success(WYT) in future

  6. K Shruthika says:

    Hi, Sir how ru do u remember me, am ur old staff, am be one of the member, following you. Sir

    Thank you.

    For me also give me the Autograph. Please …,

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